December 22, 2010

The Writer's 12 Days of Christmas

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I know.  I promised an interview with the uber-talented Kathy Troidle Jackson.  The interview is ready to go.  (Or at least, it will be when we get the word... you already know about me and the necessity of deadlines...) but we are still waiting on her website to be up.  Perhaps tomorrow...

So in the meantime, let's all have a mug of mulled cider and a song, shall we?

I was thinking The Writers 12 Days of Christmas would be fitting, so I have made it up.

Technically the 12 Days of Christmas run from December 25 until January 5, but it seems like the 12 days should come before, and a rousing song is always cheering, so here we go!

(And no rude comments about my singing voice!)

(And no complaints about meter - we're going for concept here and the things a writer wants don't necessarily fit the meter.  I don't actually know of any writers who want 10 lords-a-leaping... although I'm sure there are some...)

(And also, let's remember we're talking ideal scenario here - not reality - but without being too greedy :))


On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me
12 Fresh New Ideas (per month)
11 New Blog Followers (per month)
10 New Fans on Face Book (also per month)
9  Book Sales per Hour :)
8  Uninterrupted Hours per Day for Writing  (ha ha ha! - sorry, that one's just too funny!)
7  Rave Reviews
6  Complimentary Fan Mail Letters (per week - because there's no mail on Sunday)
4  School Visits (per month)
3  Famous Book Awards
2  Writing Buddies (human or canine - I'm fortunate to have both already :) - or feline if you like)
and an Editor Who Totally Loves You!!!

Now, don't you feel cheered?  I'm sure, with that to hum to yourself, you're all ready to go wrap stuff.  I, as you know, will be leaving that to the last minute because my sister has just arrived from Georgia and it is far more important that I visit with her and my nephews and niece than squirrel myself away to do something so boring as wrapping.  (Besides, in my opinion, unwrapping is a lot more fun!)  And I still have 3 whole days... :)

Hopefully Kathy's interview will be up tomorrow.  It will give you something to look forward to!


  1. I like that song! I'll be singing it for the next few days. : )

  2. We can harmonize - you, me, Phyllis and Woolliam :)

  3. Very funny, Susanna! I have another one to add to the song, at least my version ... and a brand new author web site! My designer says it's just about ready to roll so fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

  4. Glad you like the song! Fingers duly crossed!

  5. Dear last year's post:
    Please do not have an inferiority complex because you still work this year--timeless and lovely.
    A 2011 (and beyond) follower

  6. Catherine - I'm so glad you enjoyed it in spite of my singing voice :)

    Coleen - thank you for the morale boost! :)

  7. I love this song! I'm glad you led us to this post, Susanna!

    Everybody! All together now, (with beautiful harmony and an impressive high note on the last word,) "And an EDITOR WHO LOVES YOU!"

  8. Vicki/Jarm - I'm so glad :)

    Beth - yes, I think loudness and harmony will definitely help us all get editors who love us :)


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