December 13, 2010

Sing A Song of Story

Today I will share a little known fact about me:  I'm a closet songwriter.

(Although I have to confess, I'm playing it fast and loose with the concept of "songwriter"!)

I cannot write music.  But I do like making up words to other people's songs.  Hence, Phyllis and Woolliam and Captain Bright and the Train Engineer all have songs to go with their books.  (The Train Engineer doesn't have a name, by the way, and I think that needs to be remedied!  She looks like Peppermint Patty to me, so that's how I think of her.  But I digress...)

Phyllis's songs are cleverly titled The Groundhog Day Song #1 and The Groundhog Day Song #2.  Catchy, no?  Woolliam's song is The Counting To Sleep Song (can you guess what it's about?), Captain Bright's song really isn't his - it's called "I'm A Little Airplane" (bonus points to anyone who can guess the tune) and the Train Engineer's Song, much like the Train Engineer herself, doesn't actually have a name, so feel free to suggest one.  It's about an engineer driving a train - not a great leap since that's what the book is about :)

Making up songs serves two purposes.  #1 it gives me something fun to do with the kids when I go on school visits.  Kids are very willing to join in the fun of a silly song.  #2 it makes me feel multifaceted as a writer if I can claim (however inaccurately) to be a songwriter, and a little self-esteem boost never hurt anyone right?

I may be able to just squeak by passing myself off as a songwriter, but I could never pretend to be a singer.  So I let Phyllis and Woolliam do the dirty work.  No one seems to mind if a groundhog or a sheep have less than pleasing voices.  In fact, it just adds to the fun :)

Feeling inspired?  Suggest a name for the Train Engineer and/or her song!

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