December 11, 2010

Holiday Book Drive!

Yes, I realize it's the crack of dawn.

I also realize it's Saturday, which is not a usual posting day for me.

But I have something important to share that couldn't wait, so here it is:

Lit World, in partnership with the International Book Bank, is having a children's book drive for the holidays.  Please visit KidLit for full information.

I know you'll visit KidLit and get all the details there, so I won't bore you with repetition here.  I just want to say, this is a very worthy cause, and I encourage everyone to donate used picture books they no longer want to the poverty-stricken children in Liberia and Sierra Leone, children who will get such joy out of them.  Added bonus: your house will have less clutter in time for the influx of new holiday gifts!

Thanks for reading and considering a donation.

Now, go have a great weekend!

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