December 15, 2010

Contest Contest

My poor little contest from last Wednesday is suffering an inferiority complex.

Here's how a contest works, my friends.  You have to ENTER!

Thus far (and today being the original deadline), only 2 brave souls have ventured entries - not enough for a contest.  And so my little contest feels sad and unloved :( and is threatening to sulk and possibly gnaw the furniture.

I find myself wondering, do you, my faithful readers, not like contests? or was the prize not motivating enough? or was it the wrong kind of contest?

Please share your thoughts!  I want the contests to be fun!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I have a bit of a competitive streak.  I myself cannot resist contests, games, or challenges of most kinds (although if anyone challenged me to join a Polar Bear Club - you know, the kind where you cut a hole in the ice on New Year's Day and take a swim? - I would turn that down no problem!)

Because I like contests, I am announcing a NEW CONTEST - a contest contest if you will:  submit ideas for contests you think would be fun and prizes you think would be motivating.  Whoever wins, we'll use your ideas and I will credit you by adding your name to the contest title (e.g. Mary's Famous Character Contest)!

Meanwhile, I will extend the deadline of the original contest (see post from December 8) through Sunday Dec. 19.  If I wait any longer than that, the winner won't get their prize in time for the holidays.  Please brighten my sad little contest's day by submitting at least a few more entries.  You can think of it as your daily contribution of holiday cheer!

Looking forward to your ideas!


  1. I am very motivated by the prize offered. I can't think of a better one than a brand new Susanna Leonard Hill book! In the past, you seem to have gotten lots of response to naming character contests, and I also liked the guess the children's literature quote. However, I would like to suggest a most humorous story or most embarassing moment contest. :) How about a catchy children's book title contest? Teri

  2. Thank you for your kind comments regarding the prize, Teri :) and for all your wonderful suggestions. I like them all, but then again, we have already established that I am a game/contest lover! What do other people think?


I love to hear from you and try to respond to every comment. Please share your thoughts!

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