November 4, 2011

Who Will It Be? - Pitch Pick #3!... Plus Some Extras

Sorry for the mess my blog has been this week.  You may blame Mother Nature and her very clever idea that we should have 2 feet of snow for Halloween :)  Talk about trick vs. treat!  I'm still playing catch-up, so today's post will be a bit of a smorgasbord - not that I haven't done that before :)

Included in today's awesomeness will be Fun Foto, Warm Fuzzies #2, and the October Pitch Pick.

I know.

That's a lot to pack into a Friday.  But after all, it IS Friday, so the weekend is coming and I know you are all full of happiness and enthusiasm about that, so hopefully you will feel generous with your energy and wade on through so we can get back on track next week!  Anyone who is in a hurry should feel free to skip to the part that's most relevant to them... no hard feelings... (although I did get up at the crack of dawn and slave over all the parts... )  (oops, did I say that?!)  I promise, I'll try to be brief.  For me :)

(This is the part where no one will point out that if I was technologically able in ANY way I would have long since figured out how to schedule posts ahead and then if my power went out it wouldn't matter and I would never have gotten behind in the first place.  Thank you all for not mentioning that :))

So.  Fun Foto.  Technically, we're not doing it this week because we didn't get it together we knew you were too busy!  But I hate to skip it altogether, so here is my themeless Fun-not-really-a-Foto just for kicks:
Isn't it sweet?  Write a story about this!
(courtesy weheartit)
Anyone else who wants to put up a themeless foto, friendly for kids ages 0-12, feel free to post your link in the comments.  And for one of the best photos I've seen in a long time, check out Cynthia's blog, Random Thoughts, from yesterday.  Is that a great photo or what?! :)

Onto Warm Fuzzies Week #2:

This week's task: post a picture or piece of music that describes your WIP.  Then in the comments, people are supposed to guess what your WIP is about :)

Here's my picture for that:
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Any guesses? Remember, I write picture books :)

And finally (we're moving right along, aren't we? I'm being so brief!) it's time for Pitch Pick #3!!!  One lucky participant is going to get her pitch read by the epitome of awesome editors, Erin Molta!!!  To refresh your memory, the October contestants are listed below.

#1 Carla

Working Title:  Witches Don't Dance
Age/Genre: Picture Book
The Pitch:  What happens when witches dance?  Little Linda knows it can get messy, but she also thinks it might just be the witches' only chance to save their Halloween Party.

#2  Christie
Working Title: Gleek
Age/Genre: MG Contemporary
The Pitch:  A math whiz but not great at reading and writing, eleven-year-old Art Schaeffer unknowingly stumbles upon the school bully's rule-breaking science fair project and must find a way to expose him before the judges make their final decisions.

#3  Tracy
Working Title:  Pizza's Band
Age/Genre:  Early Reader
The Pitch:  Pizza, JuiceBox and Cake are best friends. Cereal arrives with his brand new guitar they head to the garage for band practice. But when Bratwurst interrupts, will Pizza be brave enough to protect his friends from this bully?

#4  Kim
Working Title:  Henry Hears You
Age/Genre:  YA
The Pitch:  13-year-old boy finds his voice as the new advice columnist for the school newspaper only to discover that some problems don't have easy solutions when he gets a letter from a kid threatening to kill himself if the gay bashing doesn't stop.

On your mark... Get set... VOTE!!!!!

In the interest of trying to get back on track, the poll will close on Sunday, November 6 at 11:59 PM EST so that I can announce the winner in Monday's post, so please get your votes in as soon as you can because I love announcing winners.  I will also post the finalists for the Halloweensie Contest for you to vote on Monday, so we will have another winner next week.  Yippee-ay-oh-ky-yay!  Is next week going to be fun or what?

Thank you all for your patience this week.  Hopefully next week will be a little less crazy!  Oh, and since people have expressed interest, we will be having a Thanksgiving Contest of some sort, so feel free to leave me words that evoke Thanksgiving for you in the comments!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. For your Warm Fuzzies pic I'm going to say its about a wolf who used to be a man with a family and he longs to find that again?

  2. Snow on halloween? You must be from the north- my family in CT had to deal with a bunch of snow halloween weekend:( What great pitches!!!

  3. The Pitch Pick is a terrific idea! They were all good which made it difficult to choose. Best of luck to everyone. As for the Warm Fuzzies pic, my guess is it's about an un utterly unappreciated house cow, who longs to run away from home to become a parasol dancer. I can't wait to find out what the real story is! Julie

  4. Deana - interesting guess, but not quite... :)

    Creepy Query - as far as I'm concerned, snow on Halloween is a cruel trick! Glad you like the pitches! Want to send one in? :)

    Julie - I love your idea! Although this is not what my book is about, you are close in a way :)

  5. Love your pitch pick! I wanted to let you know I've given you the Lovely Blog award over on MY blog, b/c I love your "Would You Read It Wednesday” posts. Hop on over to read the rules if you want to participate.

  6. That picture is beautiful, but it's so complex I can't imagine what your book is about. Something to do with motherhood? I wanted to say too that I really like the idea for pitch #4 (Kim), but a 13-year-old protagonist is more middle grade (upper middle grade) than young adult. Think about it, because male protags are a hard sell in young adult (and he'd have to be more like 16). I love both the title and the concept, though.

  7. You can schedule your posts with Blogger, but Blogger likes to unschedule them half the time. That's why I don't blog while away on vacation.

    We had snow today. :(

  8. Cheryl - so glad you like the pitch pick! And thanks so much for the award - I'm honored. I'm not too good at keeping up with those things, but I did post it in my sidebar linking back to you :)

    Gail - hmmm... I think I may not have chosen the best picture!

    Stina - scheduling posts requires writing them in advance which requires premeditation... :) Where are you that you got snow today?

  9. Wow! It's hard to guess from that picture. I'd say a burro is going on a long adventure where he meets many interesting people and animals. No aliens though.

  10. Love the picture - looks sort of Heironymus Bosch meets Breugel. Maybe a bit of a fantastical dream - a mythological situation and deals with it (book to help kids cope with nightmares?)

  11. I can't even guess what your picture book might be about! And so loving your on-going pitch contest. And words for thanksgiving? Turkey, Gratitude, Family, M&M's (family tradition) . . . and ANNIVERSARY!

  12. I think it has to do with dreams and how the magic of dreams is powerful for kids :) Beautiful picture.

  13. Voted! Looking forward to hearing who comes out on top this month! :-)

  14. I love your strike throughs so funny!
    Your picture is full of allsorts. I'm very intrigued about your story. It's definitely got animals in ;)
    I'm new to Thanksgiving but living amongst so many growers, I'm grateful for the hard-working pickers and packers.

  15. voted :) now as to your PB?????? The farmyard animals prepare to celebrate Christmas??? Moo-Poppins the nanny-goat?

  16. Chemist Ken and Emma - thanks so much for your guesses! Very fun :)

    Janet - ooh! A Thanksgiving anniversary, how cool!

    Juliana - love your guess!

    Cally - me too!

    Catherine - I thought HAWG was a snort of laughter until my sleep-deprived brain finally figured out you probably meant have a good weekend :) You too!

    Joanna - hands down best guess! Moo Poppins the Nanny Goat - I think we have an idea for PiBoIdMo :)

  17. I voted! Great pitches for this month.
    I can teach you how to schedule posts- the new Blogger format was a little tricky for me at first, but I figured it out. Have never had the problem of Blogger unscheduling them though. I'll have to watch out for that.
    Thanksgiving words: stuffing, turkey, shopping, eating.
    I"m looking forward to the Thanksgiving contest. :)

  18. Great poll - happy to vote!

    My guess for the Warm Fuzzies photo is a story about a child visiting the constellations, with Taurus as the guide!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Is your WIP about animals that work together to complete a difficult task?

    Thanks for checking out my blog and guessing on my WIP. You had the most interesting and closest guess.

    I'm following you now :)

  21. My guess: A ghost tells Donkey to leave the farm to find a rainbow. With the help of all his animal friends, Donkey discovers the rainbow is right on the farm. If that's a unicorn, I have no clue. Well, maybe I have no clue anyway. Good luck. Voted, etc. Liked the non-FFF too. :)

  22. We all have crazy weeks sometimes. I read about your snow. It was in all the UK papers. I've voted but my maths isn't too hot this early on a Sunday morning so I'm not sure if I'm a couple of hours too late or a couple of hours in time. *sigh*

  23. Tracy - I know! As always it's a tough choice! Glad you're looking forward to the Thanksgiving contest - now if I could just think one up... :)

    Bildebok - thanks! I don't recognize your name. Are you new here? I'll have to hop over and see your blog!

    Kristy - now I have to go back and see which one yours was so I know what I guessed well on :)

    Stacy - thanks for voting and I like your idea :)

    Rosalind - I can never figure out time either (as you can tell by the fact that I don't even know when we're on daylight savings and when we're off!) but if you were able to vote, you did it in time because once the poll closes you can't vote!

  24. Pretty painting--I'm drawn to the figures on the side that look like a mother and child, making me think there is some sort of separation?
    I don't know, but the pic is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Coleen - glad you like it! I hope it inspires a good story :)


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