November 11, 2011

Fun Friday Foto Fextravaganza, Straight From The Editor #3, and more!

There is just too much fun to be had to stick to a single category!  So get ready to start your day off with a bang :)  We will be whooping it up with Fun Friday Foto, Straight From The Editor #3, the Thanksgiving Contest!!!, and a secret!!!!! (I'm not going to manage Warm Fuzzies this week - I'm afraid of scaring you away with too much reading - but feel free to check out the other Warm Fuzzies :))

So let's get comfy.  This morning I am in the mood for something besides donuts so, in keeping with the season, we will be having pumpkin muffins hot out of the oven.  Please help yourselves :)
google images

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Sorry.  I didn't mean to talk with my mouth full :)

Now then.  Let's start with Fun Friday Foto.  This week's theme is HIBERNATION, and you'll note that those of us who have posted so far are all having the same problem - choosing just one!  Here are mine:
This guy is getting ready!
(and yes, I know he looks like me with my muffin :))
google images
This guy's thinking of spending the winter here, but he's afraid you can see him :)
google images
These two are looking cozy and settling down for their long winter's nap :)
google images

I hope at least one of those gives you a story inspiration!  If it does, please share :)  Now hop on over to Catherine's and Stacy's and see their hibernation photos, and then if you'd like to post one (remember, kid-friendly) you can put your link in the comments and everyone will come visit you.

Next, it's time for Straight From The Editor!  As you will recall, our pitch winner for October was Kim.  Readers felt fairly unanimously that her pitch was strong, and it turns out our fabulous editor felt the same way.  Here, once again, is Kim's pitch:

Working Title:  Henry Hears You
Age/Genre:  YA
The Pitch:  13-year-old boy finds his voice as the new advice columnist for the school newspaper only to discover that some problems don't have easy solutions when he gets a letter from a kid threatening to kill himself if the gay bashing doesn't stop.

And here are Erin's comments:

I definitely want to read this! I am intrigued. The only advice I can offer is to break it up into two sentences like this: 13-year-old boy finds his voice as the new advice columnist for the school newspaper. But he discovers that some problems don¹t have easy solutions when he gets a letter from a kid who threatens to kill himself if the gay bashing doesn¹t stop. It makes it easier to read -- not such a run-on sentence -- and gives it slightly more punch.

I hope you all find this helpful in writing your own pitches!

And now, the moment all you eager writers have been waiting for....  The announcement of the

Thanksgiving Contest!

Write a children's Thanksgiving story beginning with the sentence:

They were supposed to go to Grandma's for Thanksgiving, but the blizzard came in fast....

Maximum word length: 250 (but anything less is fine)  Prose or poetry is fine (and if you choose rhyming poetry you have permission to twist that first sentence a bit so it fits your rhyme scheme, or use the first sentence outside the rhyme and then continue in rhyme.)  Remember everything you've learned about writing stories for children :)  My assistant judge and I are prepared to be dazzled :)

Post your story on your blog any time between Monday November 21 and Thursday November 24 and link to the link list.  Or, if you don't have a blog but would like to enter, just copy and paste your entry into the comments the week of the contest.

Three finalists will be chosen from among the entries and posted here on Friday November 25, and you wonderful readers will get to choose the winner! :)

The prize will be your choice of a Thanksgiving picture book (to be selected) or a $15 Amazon gift card - in time for the holidays :)

And now for the secret!  I love secrets, don't you?  They're so exciting.  I bet right now you're rubbing your hands together in anticipation and wondering, what could it be?


I'll tell you on Monday.

I know.  I'm just that mean :)

Have a great weekend, and see you Monday!!!


  1. Pumpkin muffins! YUM!
    And those pictures are adorable.

    Okay - I am currently searching for my planner to write about the Thanksgiving contest. With finals getting so close, I will never keep it in my head if I don't write it down. :) FUN!

  2. Pumpkin muffins sound and look delicious. Did you make them and if you did are you going to share the recipe? My favourite picture is the cure fox peeping out of the log. I keep meaning to join in with this photo posting but forget. Maybe next week!

  3. I love those pictures. I also love that pitch, perfect or not. Sounds like a great read!

  4. Oh you are mean keeping us in suspenders! I think we deserve real muffins delivered to our doors for that lol. They sure are making me hungry. Love your Thanksgiving competition. You're getting really good at comps :) Is the linky list thing easy? Do you think I could manage it lol :P
    Love the feedback on that pitch. The same words were just stiwtched around and what a difference, very helpful!
    Cute photos too :) HAGW!

  5. Ok, I love that squirrel picture, it's just too cute! Your Thanksgiving contest sounds fun..I'm going to have think about that one! And thanks so much for your super nice comments over at my site--you are so sweet Susanna!
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Sounds fun, I can't wait to get started on the contest!

  7. I also thought it was interesting that many of us were hung up on the age of the advice columnist and the subject matter. Erin didn't mention it. I really enjoy this process.
    Love the hibernation photos. Sorry my turned into such a downer. Next time I'll try to fun it up.
    Oh, another contest and a twist. Love this too.

  8. Muffins, cute furry critters, a contest and a secret - is it legal to pack this much fun into one blog post??

  9. Abby - I hope you found the planner - I'm looking forward to your entry!

    Rosalind - well, I did make them, sort of... I confess I used a box mix. Yes. I am that cook.

    Cynthia - so glad you enjoyed :)

    Catherine - you might not want the muffins now that I've confessed I made them from a box :) And yes, the linky thing is easy and you could do it - email me!

    Coleen - he is cute, isn't he :) I hope you'll think up an idea for the Thanksgiving Contest and enter! (and you're welcome :))

    Jodi - welcome! And yay! Can't wait to read your entry :)

    Stacy - yes, I thought that was interesting too. Looking forward to you entry :)

    Cathy - no it is not legal, so don't tell! :)

  10. LOVE the chipmunk! And your Thanksgiving contest prompt is great - can't wait!

  11. I love your chipmink picture, and now I'm craving a pumpkin muffin! I love your Fun Friday Foto idea. Just posted mine. (Actually several-too difficult to choose!)

  12. Julie - I love the chipmunk too - a critter after my own heart :) I can't wait to see your contest entry! :)

  13. Kelly - we're starting a chipmunk appreciation club here :) Have a pumpkin muffin on me. I'm coming over to see your foto(s)!

  14. Love pumpkin muffins, box mix or no box *wink*.
    Loved the photos especially the chipmunk.
    Would love to have a go at the Thanksgiving day story even though we don't celebrate it down here, but hey what a lovely way to keep up the writing skills and have fun.

  15. Diane - I'm so glad you like my cooking :) And definitely do the contest - it'll be fun and educational :)

  16. With surgeries next week for both of us. I may not get the entry into the Thanksgiving contest. But I definitely will try. Love the contest. I found a hibernation photo but didn't rmrmber to post it. Life got in the way.

    The chipmonk is my fav, too.

  17. The pumpkin muffins look delish. Are they made with whole wheat flour? Can we have the recipe please?

    New Follower.

    Stopping by to have a look around. Great blog.


  18. Such adorable photos! And congratulations Kim! Will have a think about the story contest. Not much of a kid's writer (as you know, a lot of my work is pretty grim) but will see if I come up with anything!

  19. Clar - that doesn't sound good! I hope you're OK!

    Elizabeth - welcome! and thanks so much! Alas, I don't have recipe for pumpkin muffins - these were made from a mix - I know! I know! Tsk tsk!

    J.C. - I know kids' writing isn't really your thing... but it's always good to stretch :)


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