April 27, 2011

This Pony Needs A Story!

Sometimes inspiration just hits you over the head...

Check out this video of a boy and his pony.  The pony has so much personality (and he's SO NAUGHTY!) that he practically begs to have a story written about him.

Bearing in mind that no one ever got hurt, and that this pony was much-beloved, watch and enjoy :)  (My favorite part is when the pony lies down and rolls!)  Then if you're inspired, write the first sentence of a pony story in the comments!

And lest you think he was always this bad, he does have a good side :)  There are related videos about the pony being good and the bond between the boy and the pony.  They are quite long, so I didn't include them, but if you love horses, please watch them.  Very sweet :)

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