April 1, 2011

Ebooks and Apps As Tools For Teaching Reading

OK, folks.  This is serious!

I know I said I was going to finish the week with Challenge #3, but I have changed my mind for two reasons: one, no one's doing the challenge, (so I don't expect any heartbreak over a temporary delay - we'll pick it up next week), and two, I have to give a talk Monday to actual professional grown-ups and I'm feeling just a mite panicky (understatement of the year.)

I'm hoping you all will be able to help me out.

I'm wondering what people think about ebooks and book apps for kids.  What are the pros and cons of these types of new media as they relate to teaching kids to read?  Do they have a place in teaching reading?  Do they surpass traditional books in this area?  Do they merely distract from the actual process of reading with too many bells and whistles?  Do they make lazy readers who rely on the voice that will read to them?  Or, as some have said, do they open new doors, particularly for autistic and dyslexic students?  In what ways?

If any of you have experience with this, especially specific apps you've used or seen, I would really love to hear about it.  Parents, teachers, anyone!  Opinions are also welcome!

Please share your thoughts.  I am liable to dissolve into a panic-stricken puddle without a little moral support :)

On another note, for anyone who is interested, I will be at the Empire State Book Festival in Albany tomorrow, on a panel about picture books, and the New York State Readers Association Conference (NYSRA) in Saratoga Springs on Monday, where I will be giving the talk which relates partially to this topic.  Also, April Fool, Phyllis! is being featured on The Children's Literature Network's new Book of The Day Fanfare segment today :)  And Phyllis wants everyone to know that her prediction of snow on April Fools Day was correct!


  1. I think there's enormous potential with apps and digital books, but it's an area I know little about. I'll be interested to hear about what you find out!

  2. I think kids would get distracted by all the games apps and not end up doing much reading.


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