April 22, 2011

And We Have Two Winners...!

I know.  It's past 9 AM EST.  So sorry to keep you waiting when you've been all a-twitter wondering who the big winners would be.  It's just, I got distracted by bookshelves.

You all remember my office, right?
Well, I got the opportunity to pick up a couple bookshelves for a good price, and in the interest of being able to actually enter my office, I rushed off to get them, abandoning my blogging duties in a most reprehensible fashion.

But now I'm back.  The bookshelves are in the yard awaiting dusting.  And although it's making them very impatient, they will just have to wait because I don't want to keep you in suspense a moment longer!

I hope you guys realize just how lucky you are.  By entering a contest on my blog, you are way raising your odds of winning because my blog is obscure new enough that I have yet to get masses of entries :)

For this particular contest, we have 2 prizes and 7 contestants, so you do the math.  Really.  You do it.  I am terrible at math.  But I'm pretty sure it works out to You-Have-A-Great-Chance %.

So here we go.

The names are being written on slips of colored paper (very festive!)...

...the papers are being as thoroughly and randomly mixed as 7 pieces of paper can be...

...the judge is reaching into the cookie jar....

Oh, you thought I meant the papers were in the cookie jar?  No, no.  The judge just needed fortification....

Okay, now the judge is selecting the first winner...

...for a free signed copy of Zoe and Robot - Let's Pretend....

...and the winner is...


Oh my goodness!  The excitement is overwhelming!  Everybody else go get a cookie to sustain themselves.

All right.  Ready?

The judge is reaching for the second winner...

...the lucky recipient of a free signed copy of Are You Eating Something Red?...

...and our second winner is...

TERI!!!  (Who is apparently making a habit of this :))

Wow.  All this excitement is exhausting!  Raise your hand if you think this calls for another cookie :)

Winners, please use the Email Me button on the right hand side of the blog to let me know your address (so we know where to send the book) and how you'd like it signed (so Ryan can get it just right!)

Thanks so much to the other contestants.  I really appreciate your enthusiasm.  I wish everyone could win, but alas, not possible.  For those of you who would still like copies of Ryan's awesome books, please visit Ryan Sias on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  And thanks again, Ryan, for such a great interview!

Now, I'm off to dust my new shelves, install them in my office, and attain a state of Feng Shui hitherto unknown in the House of Hill :)  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats to the winners and I hope you enjoy the shelves :),

  2. Aside from the overabundance of Pledge I have inhaled, I am enjoying them already. And I haven't even put anything on them yet :)

  3. Congrats to the winners! This was a hilarious post - thanks for the laugh, Susanna! Hope you got the new bookshelves dusted, because, you know, they are waiting.

  4. Me? Thanks so much! I'm excited! My students will love this too! I tried to e-mail you but it didn't work for me (probably because my e-mail is set up in a slightly weird way) but here's my e-mail address:
    amack at pathcom dot com


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