December 2, 2015

Would You Read It Wednesday #195 - Peyton The Cat And The Princess Who Loves Everything Pink (PB)

Good Wednesday to you all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Those of you who frequent this neck of the woods may have noticed that my Thanksgiving was so lovely and absorbing that it finally happened.  After 5 years...  I totally forgot to post the Perfect Picture Book Post on Friday!  Just completely never even thought about it until Saturday when I realized I had somehow missed the fact that Friday was Friday!

(Sorry about that!  Anyone who had a perfect picture book last Friday can add it to this Friday's list... assuming I remember to post that! :))

But that reminded me that it has actually BEEN 5 years - my 5th blogiversary was yesterday, December 1!  Can you even believe it?  How time flies!

In celebration of December, and the holiday season, and my 5th blogiversary, let's have something festive and pretty for our Something Chocolate, shall we?  I'm thinking Snowflake Peppermint Bark!

So pretty!  AND chocolate!!!
Recipe HERE at Baked By Rachel
Aren't those snowflakes beautiful?  And delicious-looking??! :)  I will probably have to try out that recipe...!  Probably today.  Probably soon today!  Maybe before lunch :)

I had planned to post the September and October Pitch Picks today... since we seem not to have gotten around to them yet... but I only heard back from 2 of the 7 pitchers about revisions...  So I'm thinking I'll come up with a Plan B.  Maybe a random day dedicated to pitch picking when we can do September, October and November all together in one fell swoop.  And have chocolate even if it isn't a Wednesday :)

Meanwhile, today's pitch comes to us from Diane who says, "I am a freelance writer, in Southern California. I’m published as a magazine author but love the delight of writing for children. Therefore, I am an aspiring children’s book writer and belong to the SCBWI along with CBI. My web page/blog is at (Although I have a page on my site with my PB’s WIP, the blog is more of an inspirational one)."

Here is her pitch:

Working Title: Peyton The Cat And The Princess Who Loves Everything Pink
Age/Genre: Picture Book (ages 4-8)
The Pitch: What’s Peyton, a witty-cat, to do when his new owner, Pauline—a self-procliamed princess, loves pink and thinks he should be a princess with glittery pink bows too? Peyton dislikes girly stuff and fears he’ll live with pink forever. When Peyton develops some cat-devious ideas, to alert his owner he’s unhappy and should be a prince, Pauline is met with some challenges a princess should never have.

So what do you think?  Would You Read It?  YES, MAYBE or NO?

If your answer is YES, please feel free to tell us what you particularly liked and why the pitch piqued your interest.  If your answer is MAYBE or NO, please feel free to tell us what you think could be better in the spirit of helping Diane improve her pitch.  Helpful examples of possible alternate wordings are welcome.  (However, I must ask that comments be constructive and respectful.  I reserve the right not to publish comments that are mean because that is not what this is about.)

Please send YOUR pitches for the coming weeks!  For rules and where to submit, click on this link Would You Read It or on the Would You Read It tab in the bar above.  There are openings in January so you've got a little time to polish up your pitches and send yours for your chance to be read by editor Erin Molta!

Diane is looking forward to your thoughts on her pitch!  I am looking forward to Snowflake Peppermint Bark and the upcoming HOLIDAY CONTEST!!!  It's next week, people!  I can't wait to read all the amazing stories that I'm sure you're hard at work on even as we speak (... right? :))  There are some pretty good prizes on offer, so it's worth your writing time!  I, of course, haven't got even an inkling of an idea what to do for my sample... somehow I feel like I've been in this position before... :)  But there are still a few days!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!!

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