August 5, 2011


I was fighting the urge.

I really was.

I told myself Quite Sternly! that I was not going to overwhelm you with billions of pictures of our exquisite new granddaughter.  And I'm really not.  Except I just have to post these two.  Because I'm totally hooked.  But then I'll stop.  I promise :)

One of her beautiful face - she looks a lot different with her eyes open, doesn't she?

... and one of her tiny feet, because baby feet are simply irresistible :)
Okay.  That's it.  I'm done :)

But speaking of being hooked, I am, coincidentally, reading Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers At Page One and Never Lets Them Go by Les Edgerton.  And it's got me thinking about first sentences.

So I'd like to challenge everyone to a new twist on a combination of Monday and Wednesday's posts.  Here's what to do:  pick up the book you're currently reading.  Type into the comments the title and author of the book and the very first sentence.  I'm assuming it hooked you because you're reading the book, but please say whether it did or whether you were just willing to be patient for some reason, and please also say whether the book is delivering on it's promise so far.  Not only will this be fun for writers to learn from, it will give all of us some recommendations for good reading :)

I'll go first.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
"They say that just before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes, but that's not how it happened for me."
YES - I was hooked, and YES, so far the book has more than delivered on its opening promise - it's terrific!

I can't wait to see what you guys are reading and how good (or not) the first sentences are!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey, thanks for following my blog! I'm so glad to meet you and discover your blog.

    I am in between books, myself, so I can't play the game. But I agree about Before the Fall. Loved the opening, loved the book :)

  2. What beautiful baby pics!

    Thanks for finding me and following my blog. It's so great to meet you.

    I'm in between books right now, so I can't play the game, but I totally loved the beginning (and the whole thing) of Before I Fall. Enjoy the book and the baby!

  3. 1) Your granddaughter is absolutely ADORABLE. Thanks for indulging and showing us some pics.

    2) Currently taking a break from reading, but the next book I plan to read is Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. The first couple lines are:
    "My name, in those days, was Susan Trinder.People called me Sue. I knew the year I was born in, but for many years, I did not know the date..."

    <3 Gina Blechman

  4. Laura - thanks so much for stopping by! It was so nice of you :)

    Gina - thank you! I think she is awfully cute, but I confess I'm biased :) And your book has an interesting-sounding beginning. Do you think so?

  5. Beautiful! I still haven't written a hook for your quiz, must do it by next week :)

    Another great idea from you. It is so hard to get round blogs this time of year.

    'A tree branch slapped John Craig across the face, scraping his skin, but he kept on running and ignored the stabbing of pine needles on his bare feet.'
    The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer.
    I won this from Alison Miller and its really good so far.

  6. So cute! Yes I'm reading a Terry Pratchett children's book 'The Wee Free Men' that was leant to me by a friend. I am ploughing through it, though generally I am not a fan of his style and yet there are some LOL moments in the text. :O)

  7. Catherine - YES, PLEASE DO send in a pitch!!! And your book sounds good!

    Madeleine - Terry Pratchett is VERY popular, but I confess I've never read one of his books. Your description is not an overwhelming recommendation - is it worth reading?

  8. I'm so glad the urge beat you! They are the most adorably photos ever. I'd share the first line from the book I'm currently reading, but it's in the bedroom and I'm in the lounge, and to be honest I'm too lazy to get up! :-)

  9. I hear you, Cally! I'm at my computer when I should be out the door with the dogs running!

  10. Thank you so much for the shout-out of my lil' blue book, Hooked, Susanna--I appreciate it! And, really cute baby.

    If you get a chance, please visit my blog at Lots of excitement over there today as my newest novel, JUST LIKE THAT, just came out yesterday.

    Blue skies,
    Les Edgerton

  11. Hi Les - I'm honored by your visit. Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm learning a lot from your book (which is currently about 6 inches from my right hand!) Congratulations on your new novel - I will certainly come over and check it out :)

  12. I missed the post about your beautiful new Granddaughter, and I am so glad I came back through to find it!! Absolutely, positively precious!! :-)

  13. Thank you, Julie! And so funny - she's 9 months old now!


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