June 3, 2011

Hole In One

I have two important announcements.

Number 1:  The talented E.J. Wesley, whose blog (The Open Vein) is both entertaining and inspirational and you should visit it, has given me this awesome award!!!

What an honor!  Wasn't that nice of him?

Number 2:  Today Is National Donut Day!

Can you believe it?  A (w)hole day devoted to that (w)holesome (NOT) confectionary delight, the donut.

Let us admire:

The traditional plain donut...

...the jelly donut...

...the glazed donut...

...the frosted donut...
... and the cider donut...
my personal favorite!

Not to be confused with the cruller...

...the turnover...

or the cinnamon bun!
I hope you are all drooling, and planning an immediate trip to your local donut shop in honor of the day.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with writing?

Well, I'll tell you.

1.  Donuts make an excellent writing snack, especially with coffee.
2.  As writers, we often find our stories have a hole in the middle.
3.  Given the amount of butt in chair time, our butts may begin to resemble the round shape of a donut if we do not get off them from time to time and take the dogs for a run :)

And you thought donuts had nothing to do with writing!

Please feel free to tell us all which is your favorite kind of donut (mine is the cider donut!) so we can see which is most popular!  (And by "favorite" of course I mean which type of donut helps your writing most, and by "popular" of course I'm referring to how much it helps your writing so we can all benefit by trying it :))

Have a wonderful, donut-filled weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for the kind words! Now I'm hungry ...

  2. Oooooo, you naughty blogger! Now I want a donut reeeeeeaally badly. Shame on you. And shame on me :) I don't even like donuts that much, or so I thought....mmmmmm....donuts.

  3. Good think I'm not on a diet! Cruel and unusual punishment...

    Cool award.

  4. So, Jess and E.J., what kind of donut would you go for? We're taking a poll here!

  5. Now I want a donut. My favourite has to be cinnamon. You deserve the award, have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Yesterday, my mom came to visit and we had a strange craving for doughnuts (which we rarely ever eat), even sending my hubby out to get a box. Then later we found out it was National Doughnut Day!

    I choose a chocolate coconut.

  7. Mmm! Chocolate coconut sounds delicious - I've never seen that flavor. (Honestly, I almost never eat donuts, but you can't really pass up the chance to celebrate something like National Donut Day. Who knew it even existed? :))

  8. I love how you connected donuts to writing. Plot holes = donut holes. Hee hee hee.

  9. Brooke - maybe that means donuts are brain food :)

  10. I love that award.

    The cinnamon bun looks pretty tempting right now.

  11. Theresa - cinnamon buns have cinnamon in them, and cinnamon has something in it that's good for you (I forget what) so really, cinnamon buns are like health food. Go for it :)


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