June 24, 2011


Speaking of sniglets... which we were... in the last post here... I will be taking a brief blogcation.

Now, now.  Stay calm.  It's only for a week.  I know the idea of a whole week without any new posts from the land of Hill is downright unbearable to contemplate, but you'll just have to be brave little soldiers and keep a stiff upper lip.  Or something like that.

When you were a kid, did you ever play car games?  You know, like the license plate game, or 20 questions?  My dad had one he called Botticelli (no idea if that's real) that involved guessing famous people.  And another one called Hig Pig where you gave a clue about meaning and then said it was a hig-pig or a higgy-piggy or a higglety-pigglety etc. depending on how many syllables (for example, a colorless flying device hig-pig might be a White Kite.)

But one of my favorites was I Packed My Grandmother's Trunk.

So I'm going to pack a trunk for my blogcation, and you guys can try to guess what the blogcation is... and where!  Ready?

I packed my Blogcation Trunk, and in it I put:

Bicycles  and Books
A Car
Downyflake Donuts
Enthusiasm and Excitement
A Ferry
A Highway
Interesting scenery
A Kite and a Kayak
Lacrosse sticks
A Map
Naps (for my husband :))
Postcards and Puzzles
Sunglasses and Sunblock
An Umbrella (which we hopefully won't use!)
Whaling Museum
A Yacht

You may notice I've skipped a few letters.  That's because I am out of time and haven't thought of anything good for those ones yet.  I'll add them when I think of them.  Meanwhile, see if you can guess the nature of the blogcation :)  And please share all favorite car games - we're going to need them!!!


  1. A blogcation?! Breathe in, breathe out.

    Have fun!

    My kids bring an assortment of things to amuse themselves, and we usually listen to audiobooks. We'll be doing a lot of that soon.

  2. Oh have a fab time Susannah. I cannot guess for the life of me with all those activities, but is sure looks like you'll have a fab time! The only car game that springs to mind is I spy. We used to always go on holiday when the new number plates came out so we'd be on the lookout for new cars. I wonder if mum and dad booked it deliberately lol.

  3. I LOVE audiobooks. We have Fantastic Mr. Fox read by Roald Dahl and Charlotte's Web read by E.B. White and they are so amazing!

  4. And Catherine, I forgot I Spy. That's a good one!

  5. Nantuckett?
    Wherever it is it sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

  6. Enjoy your trip! [I still have a week left of teaching school]. I googled Downyflake Donuts and came up with Nantucket...sounds like great fun!

    We do a long car trip or two almost every summer. My kids list State/Province license plates when they are in the car, as well as listening to audio books and their own ipods. I used to pack them a bag full of things like pipecleaners, stickers & stickerbooks, notebooks, and Invisible Ink books (expensive but a big hit) to amuse themselves with.

  7. Hope you have a wonderful blogcation. I'll miss your posts! :-)

    In terms of car games, have you heard of car cricket? For each car that goes past you get a point, four points for buses, six points for trucks. But if a red car goes past, you're out and it's the next person's turn. Can you tell I've been on a lot of long car trips? :-)

  8. I haven't heard of that one Cally, but it sounds fun! We'll have to give it a try!

  9. Have a fabulous blogcation and be sure to tell us all about it when you come back. ;-)

    You must be going somewhere there is deep ocean...

  10. Thanks for all the nice blogcation wishes! We had a wonderful time, including fabulous weather, and a couple of you smarty-pants figured it out - we went to Nantucket! Once I dig out from under the laundry and vacuum all the sand out of the dog mobile, I'll be back to posting!


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