February 25, 2011

Mutton Busting and Another Award!

It's still February, still winter, and there's all kinds of ice, sleet, and freezing rain falling out of the sky.  Obviously, we need some amusement.  SO....

Today's post is not strictly about writing or really anything to do with it except maybe inspiration :) but it is amusing.

Everyone's heard of rodeos.  Most of us have probably been to at least one in our lifetime.  If so, you've seen bronc busting and bull riding.  But the other day my friend, Clare, told me about a new twist that just proves people will do anything!

Apparently, future bull and bronc riders have found a way to break into the game at an early age.

Mutton busting!

5 year old kids don helmets and protective vests (actually, they don't always - sometimes just a cowboy hat), grab onto the back of a sheep, and hang on for dear life!  Really, they're very determined.

If you don't believe me, check out this video:

I wish I'd known about this when I was 5.  It looks like fun... although maybe not for the sheep :)

So, like I said, not much to do with writing, but seriously, there has GOT to be a story in there somewhere!

And now, I am so honored to have received another blogging award from my new friend Alison over at Alison Pearce Stevens!  Isn't it nice?

As part of the award, I must list 7 things about me.  So...

1.  I love all animals, but horses and dogs are my favorite.
2.  I went on a roller coaster in Amsterdam when I was 7 and it cured me of EVER wanting to get on a roller coaster again!  ... but I love bumper cars :)
3.  My first car was a cream-colored Chevette Scooter named Rover.  (How many of you name your cars?  It's par for the course with me... after Rover came Skippy, then the Mouse Mobile, so named because mice were constantly nesting in the engine and it did NOT smell good!  My current car, as my devoted followers will already know, is called the Dog Mobile because really, part of my job description is chauffeur, and my dogs ride shotgun :))
4.  I love oatmeal raisin cookies and good chick flicks, separately or together :)
5.  I am a closet Grey's Anatomy fan - well, I guess not anymore!
6.  My favorite color is blue - any shade.  Yellow and pink are tied for second.
7.  If I could meet a celebrity from history, I would be very tempted to pick Man O' War or Secretariat, even though I know I should choose someone like Martin Luther King Jr.!

And now, I would like to pass this award on to some new blogging friends:

Becky at What's Your Thought On That
Kari Marie at Writing By Heart
E.J. Wesley at The Open Vein
L.A. Colvin at First Draft on Life, Literature and Lunacy
and really, this list could go on for a long time, so I'll stop there!


  1. Hi Susanna! Not sure if it's supposed to be, but that video is hilarious! We have a lot in common. I'm also an animal lover (especially dogs), and although I don't eat many sweets, I've a definite soft spot for oatmeal raisin cookies.

    I probably shouldn't mention that it's supposed to reach 85 here in sunny South Texas today? :-) (I actually miss snow, cool weather, and seasons, so naturally I think your grass is greener.)

    Congrats on your award, and thank you so much for thinking of me! I really stink at the award stuff, but I'm going to find some way to properly thank everyone that doesn't involve me spending hours telling my secrets. Just haven't thought of it yet ... ;-)


  2. Yeah, I don't know if it was supposed to be either, but I thought it was hysterical!

    And no, I don't want to know about your weather! I've forgotten what the sun looks like.

    As for the award, it's not too hard to think of 7 things that are interesting/a little fun but not your deepest, darkest secrets :)

  3. Hi Susanna - Thank you for the award! That so nice of you. I'm an animal lover too (dogs and horses rock). This video is hilarious, the kids are cute, but a part of me feels bad for the sheep! I don't know why.

    Good luck with your muse jar!


  4. I know... I feel the same, which is why I said it might not be much fun for the sheep. But then, I don't think broncs or bulls have such a good deal either. At least the sheep only have to deal with little kids... if that makes it any better...

  5. Rodeos make me think of the summers I spent living with my aunt and uncle in Texas.

  6. Congrats on the award, Susanna! I named my first car "Cury" because it was a Mercury Sable and the "Mer" and "Sable" fell off the back of it. So, really it named itself. : )

  7. Heather - I've been to various rodeos in various states with various members of my family :) but never in Texas!

    Thanks, Megan. I saw you had given the award to Alison or I would have given it to you :) And I guess Cury did name itself. Next question: was Cury a boy or a girl? Rover, Skippy and the Mouse Mobile were all definitely boys, but the Dog Mobile feels androgynous - I can't make up my mind (and I've had plenty of time - the Dog Mobile will be 9 on April Fools Day :))

  8. Tlak about perfect timing. We are heading to the rodeo tomorrow night. Thanks so much for the award so maybe I shouldn't tell you that we hit the low 80's. heheh But never fear I'll be sweating buckets this summer. Oh on teh flag counter just come back to my blog and click on it and it should take you to the website. That's how I got it. I found it on someone else's blog.

  9. Cury was totally a boy. He smelled like a boy for some reason... Ha!

  10. We just had the big annual rodeo here; I wonder if there was mutton-busting!

  11. It would be pretty fun to see in real life :)

  12. Nice to meet you, Susanna! Living in Arizona, I know all about rodeos and even mutton busting. :-)

  13. Liz - have you actually seen it? It must be about the cutest thing ever :)


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