February 2, 2011

Happy Beth's Birthday Day!!!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Beth,
Happy Birthday to you!

... and many more...!

With best wishes and much love from all your blogging buddies, especially Vivian, Renee, Catherine, Other Beth (Stanton), Heather, Lori, Loni, Pat, Kirsten, Erik, Julie R-Z, Joanna, Bananabeth (we seem to have an awful lot of Elizabeth/Beths!) who wanted to be included but I couldn't quite make it work so go visit her too :), and last but not least, me and my furry friend, Phyllis!!!  Have a wonderful day, and we hope the year ahead is filled with all good things and much writing success!!!

And now, for your present, if you will kindly email me I'll give it to you :)  xo S

Happy Groundhog Day Everyone!

Here at Groundhog Central we're full of news!

As dawn breaks on this February 2, groundhogs all over the eastern seaboard are making their predictions for spring.

And now....  drum roll, please... bdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Poughquag, NY, Phyllis declares, "No shadow!  Early spring!!"

Yay, Phyllis!!!

In Punxsutawney, PA, Punxsutawney Phil agrees!

In Staten Island, Chuck also predicts an early spring, and managed to do it without biting Mayor Bloomberg this year :)  In Georgia, the prediction was slightly delayed when General Lee got away from his handlers and hid, then climbed a fence behind his mock-mansion home, but he too predicts an early spring!  In Woodstock, IL, the weather is so fierce that Woodstock Willie's 2011 prognostication has been cancelled for safety reasons.  Out in Ohio, Buckeye Chuck concurs with the prediction of early spring!  It seems they're all in agreement.

It may be a whole lot of wishful thinking, but there's no doubt, our trusty groundhog friends would have been hard-pressed to see their shadows this morning!

So now, back to the Picture Book Marathon.  Maybe I should write a story about Groundhog Day.  Oh, wait...  :)

Best wishes to all for an early spring as we hole up for another day of winter.  Maybe at least we'll get some great writing (or reading) done!


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