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The object of Summer Short & Sweets is to keep our writing oars in even as we are caught up in the happy, busy, outdoor fun of summer.  We do not want our writing brains to go on luxury vacation because they are SO hard to jump start when school starts.  The Short & Sweets will be little fun exercises we can do together and share to keep those writing sparks flying and to make sure we write a little even while we're playing whiffle ball, backyard volleyball, and frisbee golf, making sure our toddlers don't fall in the pool or get swept away by ocean waves or buried by their older siblings in the sandbox, taking our pre-teens to Little League or Lego Tournaments or tap lessons, teaching our 16-year-olds to drive (I personally am sporting a whole new streak of gray hair, and the imaginary brake on the passenger side of the car is getting quite a workout :)), and tending campfires while we watch the summer sun swim down below the western hills and the fireflies come out (and if you're at my house, watch the marshmallows catch on fire and become charcoal covered goo on a stick :))

Short & Sweets will last for 8 weeks, each Friday from Friday July 6 through Friday August 24.  For every Short & Sweet entry you write into the comments you will receive 1 point.  You may of course write 2 entries per week, (or even 3 or 5 or 7 if you are feeling inspired!)  At the end of Short & Sweets there will be prizes (which I am still working on) that will be based on the total points for the summer.  The minimum number to qualify for a prize will be 8 points - 1 each week of Short & Sweets.  If you choose to do more, you can rack up points and I'll make sure you get something good! but you must do at least one each week to qualify.  The more points you have, the better the prizes.  I'm going to try to get you some critiques as well as signed books and other goodies :)  Feel free to let me know if there's something in particular your little hearts desire as a prize.

The other advantage of Short & Sweets?  We will all inspire each other's creativity.  Once you've put your challenge response in the comments, scroll through everyone else's and see what they came up with.  Maybe your own entry won't spark a story idea for you, but maybe someone else's will!  (And don't worry - everything will be vague enough that there's no way 2 people will ever write the same story off the same prompt.  It just doesn't work that way :))

There is no time limit for Short & Sweets except for the end - all entries for all weeks must be in by August 31.  Up until that, you can add your comment/entry to any week at any time, so if you miss one you can go back and catch up :)

I hope you'll find it inspiring and fun!

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  1. My attempt from Tracy Campbell's repost...

    I am a dolphin
    milky grey like a fog bank
    with a powerful tail
    flipping, twisting
    dancing across a sparking sea
    exploding into the air
    racing through liquid pools
    arcing like a series of rainbows
    I am a dolphin


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