November 20, 2015

Perfect Picture Book Friday - The Great Thanksgiving Escape

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, Everyone!!!

Even as you read this, I shall be driving to the Green Mountains, accompanied on my journey up my my trusty Audible version of A Storm Of Swords (Book 3 in A Song of Ice and Fire - you know, Game of Thrones :)), and accompanied on my journey back by child #5! :)  And by the time we get home, child #3 will be there too!  I love the holidays and having the kids home! I can't wait!!! :)  I have baked Heath Bar brownies in preparation...which I sampled...and they are GOOD! :)

So although I shall be nowhere near my computer today, I will be with you in spirit for PPBF.  I hope you'll enjoy this entertaining Thanksgiving offering!

Title: The Great Thanksgiving Escape
Written & Illustrated By: Mark Fearing
Candlewick, September 2014, Fiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: family, holidays (Thanksgiving), humor

Opening: "It was another Thanksgiving at Grandma's.
"You can play in here with the rest of the kids," Gavin's mother told him.  "We'll call you when the turkey's ready."
"Have fun!" Gavin's dad called.  
But Gavin knew it was not going to be fun.  Not fun at all."

Brief Synopsis: While waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey, Gavin is supposed to play with his cousins.  But most of them are drooling, stinky babies.  No fun!  He and his cousin Rhonda plan their escape to the swing set in the back yard, but it's not easy to navigate the perils of a family get-together!

Links To Resources: Turkey Songs, Poems, and Finger Plays; Turkey Coloring Pages; play Duck, Duck, Turkey :)

Why I Like This Book:  Anyone who has ever been to a family get-together knows about the football-watching uncles gathered around the TV, the cheek-pinching aunts just lying in wait, and the annoying little cousins who demand attention and entertainment :)  This story is drolly told from the point of view of the kids who realize that "sometimes you have to make your own fun."

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Have a wonderful, happy weekend, everyone!!! :)

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