July 30, 2014

Would You Read It Wednesday - The July Pitch Pick! PLUS Straight From The Editor And Summer Vacation :)

Do you guys know what today is?

Well, yes, you're right, it is Would You Read It Wednesday.

It also happens to be the day before my granddaughter's 3rd birthday (which coincidentally falls on the same day as Harry Potter's, Neville Longbottom's, and J.K. Rowling's! :))

It also happens to be National Cheesecake Day, which I intend to honor in a moment...

But it is also the last day of posting here until September!

It's true.  In order not to be disowned by my family I am taking August off from blogging.  I promised I would, and so I shall.  But it's going to be hard and I'm going to miss you all terribly!

Let's have Something Chocolate to lift our spirits, shall we?  In honor of the day, I'm thinking Chocolate Cheesecake!

Death-By-Chocolate Cheesecake!
Recipe here:
I think I speak for all of us when I say I may not feel that much better about not seeing you for a month but boy is that good! :)

And now, how about Straight From The Editor for May?  Hearing from Erin Molta, our wonderful and helpful visiting editor, always perks us up, doesn't it?

You will recall that the May Pitch Pick was won by Todd with his pitch for Orville Wright's Final Flight.

Here is his winning pitch:

Orville Wright's Final Flight by Todd Burleson (NF PB ages 7-12)

Orville Wright may be best remembered for his first flight, but it was his final flight 41 years later would completely change the world of aviation.  

And here are Erin's thoughts:

This sounds somewhat intriguing but in the crowded nonfiction picture book market you need to give us a little bit more.. Is there any way you can give us a little hint about what made his last flight so special? 

That could make or break whether an editor will ask you for the whole manuscript.

As always, I find her thoughts insightful!  Thank you, Erin :)

And now, it's time for the July Pitch Pick, which is always so exciting :)  Here are our 4 fabulous pitches:

#1 Michelle - Escalators Don't Bite! -  Picture Book (ages 2-6)

Salim, world traveler, worries about whether he’s packed enough crayons. He worries his backpack will come unzipped. But with his whole family on its way to see Grandma and Grandpa, he’s worried most about his little sister Malika, who never does what she’s supposed to do. On her first trip to the airport, Salim knows that if it’s sticky, Malika will spill it. If there’s an escalator, Malika will get stuck on it. And if there’s a red button, Malika will push it. Desperate to ensure his family gets to the gate on time for their flight, Salim has started work on a Little Travelers’ Guide to Airports. But while he’s busy writing, the irrepressible Malika is busy exploring. When Salim’s sage travel advice comes up against Malika’s infectious sense of adventure, both siblings learn something important from each other about airport travel safety and fun.

(And Michelle adds: Many thanks to all who gave their revision advice. I hope I've gotten closer with this version!)

#2 Lavanya - How Not to Be a Monster Meal - Picture Book (K-3)
Posey has a brand new room. But something lurks within the gloom -- A monster with a riddle dare! And he's hungry as a bear. If Posey can't outwit the cretin, little Posey will be eaten...

#3  Brandie - The Trouble With Keeping Vikings - Picture Book (ages 4-6)
A boy opens his front door and comes face-to-face with a startling surprise. A Viking horde has come for a visit, and they REEK of mischief. From snot-snakes to clashing swords, the outrageous antics of these pesky pillagers are never-ending. That is until the boy makes a certain phone call that will leave these manner-less brutes quaking in their Viking-boots.

#4 Erin - Love, Emmett - Picture Book (ages 4-8)
Emmett loved books so much that he eventually loved them to pieces…literally. After his favorite one falls apart, Emmett saves the last remaining page, only he can’t remember the story quite right. When his teacher asks the class to share their favorite books, Emmett must decide how to tell the story. But his love for the book might just say everything.

Please vote for the one you think is best and deserves a read by editor Erin Molta by Sunday August 3 at 5 PM.

Thank you so much!

Please send YOUR pitches for the coming weeks!  For rules and where to submit, click on this link Would You Read It or on the Would You Read It tab in the bar above.  There are openings in September so you've got a little time to polish up your pitches and send yours for your chance to be read by editor Erin Molta!

And now, my poppets, I bid you happy August.  I hope you all have tons of fun with your families and your writing and reading, swimming, sailing, sunning, hiking, biking, kayaking, riding, playing volleyball, tennis, baseball, or whatever floats your boat - generally enjoying all summer has to offer!

See you September 10 for the return of Would You Read It, and September 12 for the kick off of Perfect Picture Books Year 3!

xoxoxo :)


  1. Have a great summery August, Susanna! How fun to celebrate your granddaughter's birthday! I wish I had cheesecake!

  2. I cast my vote and, I hope you don't mind, gobbled one giant piece of Death by Chocolate while here and took a second to go, you know, to hold me until you return from your blogging break. And you deserve a break with all the great stuff you do. So ENJOY!!

  3. Susanna - have a WONDERFUL August. We will still be here when you get back - promise! Enjoy three-year-old birthdays (SO fun!) and time with the family. Great pitches - love how they all revised and made them even better! Was hard to choose.

    OH - and the cheesecake is gone. Hope you don't mind ;)

  4. Happy early birthday to your granddaughter! I voted--some good ones this month! Happy August to you, Susanna.

  5. Happy early birthday to your granddaughter. My youngest turns three in September! See you in September. Enjoy your month off! And I already feel the cheesecake I inhaled going straight to my hips. :)

  6. I hope your granddaughter's birthday is the BOMB, and that you have a fabulous August with your family, Susanna. We'll be here when you get back...nom, nom, nom. Thanks for the cheesecake! :0)

  7. I had chocolate mousse cake leftovers from my own birthday cake this morning for breakfast, Susanna, so don't dare eat another slice of anything else fattening. I'm sure I had a total weeks worth of fats.

    I Voted for the best though they were all good.

    Have a great August. I'm going to the beach for seven days with my grandson. We deserve it since so far we've had the summer from hell. Death in the family and illness and all that. So yes, We will miss you. But will be here when you return. :)

  8. Ohhhh...chocolate cheesecake!! Heaven!

    Happy birthday to your grand-daughter, Susanna! (though you really are not old enough to be a grandmother, and won't be another couple of decades! ;) )

    Erin's feedback is spot-on. I think Steve's idea is wonderful, but his pitch is too pithy (which is a rare problem for a pitch...LOL!).

    It was, again, hard to vote for a new winner, but I voted because I knew you'd withhold the cheesecake from me if I didn't. ;) That, or the ECP comes out...

    Have a wonderful break, Susanna! We'll miss you but you, and many of us, need a break before the fall semester starts. xo

  9. Congratulations to Todd and thanks to Erin. Wow. Wow. Wow. These new-and-improved pitches are all clamoring for my attention. Great job everyone. It was a tough choice.

    Enjoy your merry-making, Susanna. Thanks for brightening our Wednesdays.

  10. Enjoy your August. I hope you have good weather and lots of relaxation. See you in September.

  11. Hmmm...I knew it was Harry's and J.K.'s, but had forgotten it was Neville's too! Lucky granddaughter :D
    And, you know, the thing I don't like about competition is that when ALL the contestants deserved a win, only one can! *sigh* I'm SO impressed by these new pitches, how can one POssibly choose? Seriously---I love them ALL! :D
    AND----have a safe, happy, enjoyable August, Susannadanna :D

  12. This_Kid_Reviews_Books_ErikJuly 30, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    I had Cheesecake, yesterday, I think it was yesterday! Does that count? (It was a good cheesecake, too) ;) Have a happy summer break! :D I voted! :D

  13. Have a great blog-free vacation! You've earned it.

  14. Great pitches, guys! Happy birthday to your granddaughter, Susanna (and Harry, and Neville)! Enjoy the break!

  15. Great revisions - they sound enticing!

  16. Have a relaxing respite from blogging, Susanna! I'll be doing the same.

    It was terribly difficult to choose between these pitches. Good work, everyone!

  17. I am circling Sept 12 on the calendar and wishing you well until then. :)

  18. ENJOY, Susanna! (but good thing I ate a pile of peaches before I saw that cheesecake!) Great revised pitches, and I still want to read Todd's story!

  19. I'm so happy you are taking time to be with your family - but we will miss you, Susanna. :)
    We'll miss those yummy treats as well!
    It was darn hard to vote - four GREAT stories - I hope all these writers will pursue/polish and submit - I would buy all of these books if I saw them on the shelf. ;)

  20. The cheesecake looks amazing And all four pitches were even harder to resist than the cheesecake! Everyone did a fabulous job of revising their critiques! It was very hard to choose just one but I'd buy all four! -- Have a wonderful August, Susanna!' see you in September' :)

  21. It was a tough choice, wasn't it, Kim? Thanks so much for voting! And enjoy your August too :)

  22. Thanks, Julie! I already know how much you enjoyed those peaches :)

  23. Thank you, Wendy! Have a lovely rest of the summer :)

  24. Thank you, Jilanne - for the well wishes and for voting :)

  25. Thank you, Genevieve! I hope you and Cupcake enjoy the rest of the summer too :)

  26. Every day is a good day for cheesecake :) Thanks for the happy summer and for voting, Erik :)

  27. I don't know how much relaxation will be involved with this crew, but I think it will be fun :) Happy rest of the summer, Rosi :)

  28. Thanks for voting, Joanne! And enjoy your August :)

  29. Glad you like the cheesecake, Teresa :) And yes... I cheated a little on the granny thing, having the good fortune to have a step daughter :) Have a wonderful rest of the summer!!!

  30. Happy belated birthday again, Clar - it sounds like it was a good one :) Thanks for voting, and enjoy your August!!!

  31. Thank you, Brandie. And no worries about this cheesecake :) Ah, 3. My youngest was 3 14 years ago... it seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time! Have a wonderful August!

  32. Thank you so much, Joanne - I so appreciate your assurances! And I'm glad you enjoyed the cheesecake :)

  33. That was very forethoughtful of you, Angela! I will be gone a few weeks, so maybe grab a couple more slices :) Have a wonderful August with your Chipmunk :)

  34. Thanks, Tina! And I think it's a good thing I don't actually have a cheesecake :)

  35. I'm sorry I missed this in time. I really enjoyed them all. 3 was my favorite. Each line made me chuckle.

  36. I'm sure they'll all still be thrilled to know you liked their pitches :)

  37. Awww...thanks. Making me blush here. :)


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