April 1, 2013

Monday Short And Sweet - It's April!

Wa-hoo!  It's April!

And about time! :)

I hope those of you who celebrate had a happy Easter and are enjoying your sugar coma from all those chocolate eggs and jelly beans!

And speaking of jelly beans, I'd like to report the disturbing news that somehow pink won the poll on Friday.  Apparently the jelly bean connoisseurs didn't show up to vote or the winner would have been red, black, or at least orange!  Ack!  What desperate times we live in when pink jelly beans can come out on top!

(And before all you devoted pink voters get riled up, I'm just funnin' you - I like pink too :)  They are certainly better than green, purple and white! :))

Talking about jelly beans makes me think of sweet things and that makes me think of Short & Sweet which is so handy because guess what day this is?  Monday Short & Sweet Day!  (And look at this beautiful creation I have just in time - an updated Short & Sweet badge!!! :))
badge created by the incomparable Loni Edwards
It is also April Fools Day.  I was going to suggest that we all write a story about April Fools Day... but then I remembered I already did that :)  Plus writing a whole entire story might be a little more like a Long & Agonizing :)  So I have a back-up plan.

(It is important to always have a back-up plan.  I think that might be part of the Boy Scout Motto or something - doesn't it sound like it should be?  Ooh, or maybe the Spy Motto! :))

So ANYway, if you would please stop nattering on about ridiculous mottos!, here shall be our Short & Sweet for Monday April 1, 2013:

Write (in the comment section) a fun (not mean) prank a kid could play for April Fools Day.

Very short.

Very sweet :)

The prank might spark a story idea for you... or for someone else who reads it... or someone else's prank might spark an idea for you!

For example:

Turning the clocks ahead one hour so that the rest of the family thinks they overslept and rushes around like nuts!


An older sibling telling a younger sibling it's Backwards Day - they have to walk backwards, put their clothes on backwards, eat and drink backwards, etc :)

Now you try!

(And I didn't say it was a GOOD back-up plan! :))

Happy April Fools Day Everyone! :)


  1. Oh it will be interesting to see what cute and non-harmful prank ideas others can come up with today :-)

  2. delores @ thefeatherednestApril 1, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    Aaron was a practical joker. Every year for April Fools Day he played a trick on his family. His mom and dad and his little brother were very nervous this April Fool Day. What did Aaron have planned they wondered. All day long they were jittery. His mom jumped back every time she opened a cupboard door for fear something would fall out on her. His Dad put his work gloves on to reach into his tool box just in case. Little brother Jakey spent the day in his room. At the end of the day, baffled and bewildered, Aarons mom tucked him into his bed and Aaron said, "April Fools....gotcha". Aarons mom laughed. "You sure did" she said.

  3. I did the "tape the nozel of the water hand hose thingy down" (although I used a hair-tye ;) ). It got my grandpa! :D


    How about turning the clocks BACK, so they ACTUALLY over sleep? Or how about hmmm... hmm... I'll get back to you!


  4. Sneak into their sock drawers and steal one sock from each pair . . . oh, wait . . . never mind . . . the dryer already did that. :D

  5. Tee hee :) I know! What is with those disappearing socks? They must go into an alternate universe or something :)

  6. Ha ha! Very funny, Erik! I'll look forward to more later :)

  7. Good one, Delores! And you wrote a whole little story - awesome! Thank you for the fun :)

  8. I know! I hope we get some good ones! I'm not too clever about thinking them up and I need some new prank fodder :)

  9. Happy April Fool's Day, Susanna...and all!

    My husband, a prankster and practical joker back in the day, used to do this ALL the time.

    Drive to a friend or family member's house (that is some distance away)...park down the them up and say, "Hey, we're going to be in your neighborhood later today and wanted to stop by and see you." Hopefully, they will say, sure...and you know they will now be rushing around to quickly straighten up their home. Two minutes later, walk up to the house and ring the bell...Surprise!

    My husband did this to my sister and her husband...they lived over an hour it was truly a surprise for them when we appeared at the door a minute after we had called. And this was before cell of course they assumed we had called from home (back in the day they had phone booths on street corners or at gas they have those anymore?)

  10. I voted pink because it's the season for pink grapefruits and I looooove pink grapefruits! ;)

    Believe it or not, I've never played a prank on anyone. My husband didn't either, and our kids carried on our non-tradition. We're pretty boring, yes. LOL!

    But if I were to do pranks, they'd be food related, such as filling a cone with mashed potatoes and trying to pass it off as ice cream. :)

  11. My ornery side isn't showing up today, but I sure have had a fun time reading about pranks!

    Pink won!!!

  12. It seems to be a pretty slow day here! I guess this particular Short & Sweet was a bit of a flop. Ah well. They can't all be perfect I suppose :) Thanks for reading, even if you voted for pink :)

  13. Honestly, I've never been much of a prank player either, but I might need to write a character who is one some day, so I figure I should study up :) Mashed potato ice cream... good luck :)

  14. Oh, that's a good one Vivian! It would certainly catch me out - I need plenty of time to prepare for visitors... to make sure I've vacuumed up all the dust puppies :) Hope your April Fools' Day was happy and fun :)

  15. So pink won, huh? Actually a neighbor brought over a bag of jelly beans with only pinks and reds. DELISH! My new fav. The new badge is really sweet don't you think? Oops, really no pun intended.
    This isn't a dud S&S. I think it's because it's the Monday after a holiday. Anyway...

    This is a true story, not an April Fool's prank, but a good one nonetheless. Our family loves egg nog. It never stays long enough to share with visitors (who always drop by unannounced in the south). There were two mishaps with egg nog. However, this is my favorite.
    My mom warned us not to touch her special pitcher of egg nog while she was at work or we'd be especially sorry. Well, all we needed to hear were the words, "especially sorry." Of course we would pour from mama's special pitcher and devour the forbidden elixir. My mother usually left a prepared dish that I would have to complete for breakfast and lunch while she and daddy were at work. It was pancake day and my siblings and I were especially excited because I declared, "We will have egg nog with our pancakes!" Who would know? I took out the pancake batter, but before I began cooking, I called by brother and sisters into the kitchen. I poured everyone a small cup of egg nog, sprinkled it with nutmeg. My brother, Gavin remarked, "This doesn't smell right." "Yeah," said Renae. "It smells like that stuff you make paper mache' with." "Just hurry up and drink it, so I can start breakfast." I snapped. We all took a big swallow and YUCK! You guessed it! My mom had poured pancake batter into her special egg nog pitcher and the egg nog was in the pitcher usually reserved for pancake batter. Oh how my parents laughed and teased us. They told everyone that dropped by to visit. Mama said it was Daddy's idea to trick us like that. He denied it even until the end of his time with us and said it was all Mama's idea. We still laugh about it. Great memories. Thanks, Susanna.

  16. Whoa! I did not know I had written so much until I posted. I talk too much!

  17. I am a huge prankster! My joke this year is better seen than described so to find out what mischief I've been into this year visit my blog at

  18. To quote Albus Dumbledore "One can never have enough socks." :)

  19. WHat a great story, Pam! I love it! And there's totally a picture book in there... spin it out that way and send it along for your MBPB draft! (And I'm kidding a little about the pink - I actually don't mind pink jelly beans... they're just not as good as red, black and orange :))

  20. No you don't! It was a great story - I enjoyed it! :)


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