October 14, 2011

Fun Friday Foto Fextravaganza

It's parent/teacher conference day, so I'll be shockingly brief.  You won't even recognize me :)

Today's Fun Friday Foto Fextravaganza theme is MIGRATION.  Here's mine :)
courtesy google images

If you want to join the fun, post a 0-12 year-old friendly photo that says "migration" to you and then put your link in the comments below so everyone else can enjoy them.  Be sure to check out fellow fextravaganzist Catherine's photo!  Hopefully we'll all end up with lots of story ideas :)

If you haven't had a chance to check out this week's Would You Read It, please go here, and please tune in Monday for Straight From The Editor.

Have a great weekend!!!

(See?  I told you you wouldn't recognize me! :))


  1. What a long hill to climb!

    I did one too, Susanna. Hope you have a super weekend. :-)

  2. Oh I love this one. Have fun at the parent-teacher conference. Here's a link to mine: http://stacysjensen.blogspot.com/2011/10/migration-fridays-fun-foto_14.html (Thanks for stopping by earlier).

  3. That is so cute and so brief lol :) I'm going back to link this to mine. I doubt there'll be any takers today, there's a cool blogfest going on. Pay It Forward. Have a great weekend!

  4. This is too adorable. It's like a game of follow-the-leader.

  5. This is so cute! I love ducklings. LOVE them. We even bought a duck this spring but finally brought him to the local pond for more friends and fun. When you mentioned migration before, the first thing I thought of was Little Foot on THE LAND BEFORE TIME! Have a great weekend.

  6. Aw, how sweet is that? One in the back looks like he's reconsidering the lead duck's tactic. :-)

  7. Ahhhhhh. They're so sweet.

    Love Natasha's comment. That cracked me up. :D

  8. So gorgeous. Hope they make it to their destination! :-)

  9. Sorry I haven't been around for a while, I've been busy with mommy things love the picture.

  10. That picture is too cute!

    The Warm Fuzzies Blogfest is coming up. I'm hoping I'll see you there! http://aspiretobejuliana.blogspot.com/2011/10/i-have-secret.html

  11. Robyn, inluvwithwords, Stacy, Catherine, Jess, Angela, Abby, Natasha, Stina, Cally, Rosalind, Cynthia, and Juliana (whew that's a long list! - sorry I'm so behind in commenting back!) - thank you all so much for your lovely comments. Really, I could not resist those ducklings - too cute :)

    Cynthia - no worries :)

    Juliana - I signed up, although I can't promise I'll be prepared for every week - life is exceptionally busy just now! But I'll try :)

  12. Oh, they're adorable! I love how the guys at the back are just chilling there, not even looking at the guy up the front who's busy climbing. There's another metaphor there too, I'm sure!

  13. I know, Amie - I think they're totally hatching an alternate plan :)


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