January 10, 2011

Writing Inspiration

Some call it inspiration.

Other's call it the muse.

Still other's might say it's a caffeine and chocolate overload :)

But whatever its name, it is a writer's best friend.

Where writing is concerned, there are few things to equal the euphoria of a great idea, the feeling that you have something so wonderful to express that your fingers can't fly across the keyboard fast enough.  Those moments when words and ideas flow effortlessly are pinnacles of the writing life, something we, as writers, look forward to and hope for every day.

The problem is (at least in my experience!) those moments are few and far between.

If I personally waited for inspiration to strike, I might only write once or twice a year :)

Therefore, I go by the words of Peter DeVries:  "I write when I'm inspired, and I see to it that I'm inspired to write at 9 o'clock every morning."  Words to live by!

So it's 9 o'clock, and here I am, ready to make my own inspiration for the day.  But today I have a little boost and I will share it with you!  It's award day!  At 10:45 EST, the ALA will announce the Newbery, Caldecott, Michael Printz, Coretta Scott King, and numerous other awards.  It's a chance to see, and be inspired by, the best in children's books.


So tune in, see who the winners are, be inspired by success and great writing, and then sit down at your own keyboard or notebook and make some magic.  Who knows?  The words we write today might be the award winners of the future!

After the awards are posted, comment below on your favorites!


  1. Oh, like you... I am only inspired once or twice a year! Unfortunately though.. I am not so good at the 9:00 AM butt in chair thing :)

  2. If we're being perfectly candid, there are a lot of mornings when 9 AM finds me out walking or running with my dogs... but that is thinking time, so writing-related :)

  3. I fell ya, Susanna! I really "forced" my inspiration for PiBoIdMo and I haven't had a new idea since then! I'm just building on those heady days of inspiration. : )

  4. That works! You've got all those good ideas from PiBoIdMo to get you started!


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