December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow it will be 2011.  Kind of hard to believe, isn't it?

So what are your resolutions?

I'm really good at making resolutions.  I can always think of things that would be very worthwhile to accomplish.  I am somewhat less talented, however, at following through.

There is apparently a method, a proper way if you will, to make resolutions.  It involves small, measurable steps as opposed to vague global statements.

So I guess become the most famous author of all time is out :)

Fond as I am of vague global statements, I will try to scale down.  Here I go:  I think I will resolve to take a writing class to further my education (I'm already signed up!), try to do better with the Picture Book Marathon in February this year than I did last year (it's supposed to be a picture book a day for 28 days - I only got to 17 in 2010 - although between school visits and the writing course it might be hard...), write at least one novel (you never know, this could be the year!), sell at least one new manuscript (really I hope that will happen or I may have to pursue a career in competitive knitting!), eat fewer cookies (though I will certainly not resolve to swear off them altogether!) and get more exercise (so I don't have to swear off cookies altogether!)  How does that sound?  My writing buddies, Scout and Jemma, are all in favor.  (That's because they think they will be the lucky recipients of both more exercise and the cookies I don't eat, which fits in perfectly with their resolutions to spend more time roaming Blueberry Hill and eat as many cookies as possible!))

Now, I hope each of you will make your resolutions (feel free to share - sometimes it's easier to be in things together... anyone else want to write a novel this year?) and I hope you all ring in the New Year with health, happiness, and hope!

See you in 2011!


  1. Wishing you success with all of your resolutions - especially the one about writing a novel! I'll be checking back often to hear about your progress.

  2. The first thing I need to do is decide what to write about!!!


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