Phyllis's World Tour!

illustrations copyright Jeff Ebbeler
badge design by Donna Farrell
After a long winter of hibernation, Phyllis decided to go on tour!  There are just some times when a groundhog has to get out of her burrow and see the world!
She will be traveling to California (6 times!), Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (twice!), South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas (3 times!), Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington (twice) as well as Australia, Canada, England, France, Italy, Monaco, New Zealand, and South Korea... and maybe more!

Please join in the fun and follow her progress as she travels!  There will be all kinds of high-jinx and shenanigans, knowing Phyllis, as well as photos and fun stories.  For those of you in classrooms with weather or graphing projects, there will be lots of data about weather - Phyllis is a weather hog after all :)

Here is the fancy new interactive map!  The markers show where Phyllis has been so far.  Click on any marker and it will tell you where she is, who she's visiting, show a photo, give a brief description of the visit and link to the blog post about it (it says website but it means blogpost :))

Here is a screen shot so you can see the whole world:
Click HERE for interactive map

Here are links to posts on Phyllis's World Tour:

The Plan (please scroll down past the award to item #2!)

Thursday March 8, 3:25 PM PST - Phyllis has arrived in The Golden State (CA)! (with Kirsten)

First Stop - Southern California:  Kirsten and Susanna

Coming Soon to Texas (with Natalie)

Monday March 12: Phyllis Is Living It Up In Colorado! (with Hannah!)

5:51 PM CDT Monday March 12 - Phyllis Has Landed In The Lone Star State (TX)!!! (with Natalie)

Being a marmot of many talents, Phyllis has also had a Whirlwind Visit to The Sunshine State (FL) with Kelly!  This visit was a little swifter than planned because, due to a mail glitch, it took her several extra days to arrive!

AND she has arrived in The Peach Tree State (GA) to visit two young literacy programs!  (Which ended up being posted on April 1 and April 30 - be sure to see them both below!)

Tuesday March 13 - Phyllis Visits San Antonio! (with Natalie - you will NOT want to miss these photos!)

Wednesday March 14 - Phyllis Is Heading For Missouri! (with Andi)

Tuesday March 13 - Wednesday March 14 - Phyllis Visits Beth In Saskatchewan, CANADA! (more great photos!)

11:45 AM Thursday March 15 - Phyllis has arrived in MO! (with Andi)

Thursday March 15 - Phyllis Visits Sandi In CA!

Thursday March 15 - Phyllis is also in San Antonio on a special side tour with Mrs. Kistler and her '49ers!

Friday March 16 - Phyllis has arrived in Nice, FRANCE!!!  (with Joanna)  Scroll down for a picture of her on her red motorbike!  And read her post HERE!

Friday March 16 - Phyllis had a FABULOUS Visit To Missouri!!! (with Andi - you will not want to miss these photos either!)

Monday March 19 - Phyllis is rumored to be in Texas and Pennsylvania, and on her way to California, New Zealand, and Great Britain!  Go Phyllis Go!

Tuesday March 20 - Wednesday March 21 - Phyllis Comes To Chico, CA! (with Elizabeth)

Wednesday March 21 - Phyllis Tours Philly! (with Erik and Josie)

Thursday March 22 - Yee-Haw! Phyllis Is In Abilene, TX! (with Penny)

Saturday March 24 - Phyllis Visits The Silicon Valley (with Darshana)

Saturday March 24 - Phyllis Arrived In Maine (with Heather N.)

Monday March 26 - Phyllis Visits The Dixons in Clovis, CA (with Amy) (cute video footage :))

Monday March 26 - Phyllis Arrives In New Zealand! (with Diane)

Tuesday March 27 - Phyllis's Adventure In Kiwiland (with Diane)

Tuesday March 27 - Phyllis Visits Knoxville, TN (with Donna)

Tuesday March 27 - Phyllis Kicks Off Her School World Tour (with Mrs. Kistler and her '49ers)

Wednesday March 28 - Phyllis Visits Windsor, Ontario (with Catherine)

Thursday March 29 - Phyllis Is Quite The Outdoorshog In Maine (with Heather N) (great post for teachers and homeschoolers - lots of nature info!)

Thursday March 29 - 2nd Stop on The School Tour - Phyllis Stops In With Mrs. Henbree's Bulldog Readers (2nd graders)

Thursday March 29 - Phyllis Visits A Ghost Town! (with Heather B)

Friday March 30 - Phyllis Arrives In Alberta (with Rena)

Saturday March 31 - Phyllis Tours Onoway, Alberta, Canada (with Rena)

Sunday April 1 - Phyllis Is Peachy Keen (with Pam and the Little Scholars Academy)

Wednesday April 4 - Phyllis Reaches Australia! (with Nicky)

Wednesday April 4 - Phyllis Meets A Bison And Gets Interviewed By A Dog (with Debbie)

Monday April 9 - Phyllis Spends Easter With Kerie

Friday April 13 - Phyllis Visits The Green Mountains (with Kathy)

Sunday April 15 - Phyllis Goes Out On The Town In CO (with Julie)

Tuesday April 17 - Phyllis Has Fun In Virginia (with Clar)

Friday April 20 - Phyllis Has A Spa Day (with Alison)

Saturday April 21 - Phyllis Is In The Olympics... Sort Of :) (with Tina)

Monday April 23 - Phyllis Puppy Sits (with Corey)

Tuesday April 24 - Phyllis Makes A Kitty Friend In Seattle (with Saba)

Monday April 30 - Phyllis Gets A Warm Welcome In California (with Margaret)

Monday April 30 - Phyllis Goes To The Preschool Prom (with Pam)

Tuesday May 1 - Phyllis Visits Not-So-Sunny UK (with Rosalind)

Wednesday May 2 - Phyllis Vacations In The Caribbean (with Miranda)

Monday June 11 - Phyllis Rides A Horse (with Robyn)... The Last Stop :(

The Weather News!

Phyllis made a total of 39 stops on her tour!!!  But we did not receive weather info for all of them.  Here is the weather info we have:

Kirsten: The Mojave Desert - elevation approx. 2300 feet
     Date: Friday March 9
     Temperature:  70 degrees during the day, down to mid-30s at night!
     Conditions:  Very Sunny!

Natalie: Texas Hill Country
     Date: Monday March 12
     Temperature: 77 degrees
     Conditions: Sunny and balmy

     San Antonio
     Date: Tuesday March 13
     Temperature: 73 degrees
     Conditions:  Cloudy, humid and muggy

Hannah: Colorado
     Date: Monday March 12
     Temperature: 60 degrees
     Conditions: Sunny

Beth: Saskatchewan, CANADA
     Date: Tuesday March 13 at 1 PM
     Temperature: 41 degrees
     Conditions: partly cloudy and breezy! (wind SE at 19 mph)

     Date: Wednesday March 14 at 2 PM - Phyllis goes Metric :)
     Temperature: 7 degrees celsius
     Conditions: Sunny, wind W at 31 kmh, humidity 45%

Andi: Missouri
     Date: Thursday March 15
     Temperature: 79 degrees
     Conditions:  Sunny with a beautiful breeze :)

Joanna: Nice, France
     Date: Friday March 16
     Temperature: 62 degrees
     Conditions: balmy and hazy

Elizabeth: Chico, CA
     Date: Tuesday March 20
     Temperature: high 59 degrees, low 46 degrees
     Conditions: cloudy and windy

     Date: Wednesday March 21
     Temperature: high 67 degrees, low 48 degrees
     Conditions: cloudy and rainy

Erik: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Date: Wednesday March 21
     Temperature: 71 degrees
     Conditions: cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon

Penny:  Abilene, TX
     Date: Thursday March 22
     Temperature: mid 70s
     Conditions:  very windy!

Heather N.:  Parsonsfield, ME
     Date: Friday March 23
     Temperature: high of 68 degrees
     Conditions: sunny and clear

Darshana:  San Jose, CA (elevation approx. 85 feet)
     Date:  Saturday March 24
     Temperature: high 53 degrees, low 45 degrees
     Conditions:  Cloudy with some light showers

Amy: Clovis, CA
     Date:  Monday March 26
     Temperature:  62 degrees
     Conditions:  slightly breezy

Rebecca: Wiltshire, UK
     Date: Monday March 26
     Temperature:  18 degrees Celsius
     Conditions:  beautiful and sunny with medium humidity and a slight breeze

Diane:  Auckland, New Zealand
     Date: Tuesday March 27
     Temperature: High 22 degrees Celsius, low 9 degrees Celsius
     Conditions:  Sunny skies and light winds

Donna:  Knoxville, TN
     Date:  Tuesday March 27
     Temperature:  high 70s
     Conditions:  Sunny with a gentle breeze

Irene:  San Antonio, TX
     Date:  Tueday March 27
     Temperature: High 80s!
     Conditions:  Sunny

Catherine: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
     Date: Wednesday March 28
     Temperature:  15 degres Celsius
     Conditions:  sunny

Heather B.: Molson, WA
     Date: Thursday March 29
     Temperature: a chilly 29 degrees
     Conditions: partly sunny

Rena: Onoway, Alberta, Canada
     Date: Saturday March 31
     Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius or about 41 F

Pam: Atlanta, GA
     Date: Sunday April 1
     Temperature: 80 degrees
     Conditions: sunny and humid

Nicky: Melbourne, Australia
     Date: Wednesday April 4
     Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
     Conditions:  beautiful and sunny

Debbie:  Dakota Dunes, South Dakota
     Date: Wednesday April 4
     Temperature: in the sixties
     Conditions: windy!

Julie:  Fort Collins, Colorado
     Date: Sunday April 15
     Temperature: 66 degrees
     Conditions: partly cloudy, winds from the west at 5-10 mph

Clar:  Leesburg, Virginia
     Date:  Tuesday April 17
     Temperature: 60 degrees
     Conditions: sunny with a brisk wind

Alison: Marietta, Georgia
     Date:  Friday April 20
     Temperature: 82 degrees
     Conditions: sunny

Tina:  Seoul, South Korea
     Date: Saturday April 21
     Temperature: 70 degrees
     Conditions: sunny

Saba: Seattle, Washington
     Date: Tuesday April 24
     Temperature: ???
     Conditions: RAIN!

Margaret: Los Altos, California
     Date: Monday April 30
     Temperature: 71 degrees
     Conditions: cloudy, a touch humid

Miranda: Grace, Saint Lucia
     Date: Wednesday May 2
     Temperature: 88 degrees
     Conditions: storm clouds and rain


First Stop - Southern California!
Phyllis flew an F-117 Night Hawk!...

...and climbed a Joshua tree!

Next - Phyllis arrives in the Texas Hill Country!

Phyllis Visits The Alamo...

...finds the PERFECT boots!...
... and runs wild among the Texas State Flower - Bluebonnets!

Phyllis enjoys some reading time in Colorado :)

Phyllis is visiting with Mrs. K's 3rd Grade in San Antonio, TX

Here comes Phyllis on a red motorbike!  Look out, FRANCE!

And here she is singing along with a street musician playing an accordion in France

During her visit to Missouri, Phyllis popped over to Kansas to say hi to a friend... recognize him? :)

And here she is at The Corners!

Phyllis Sees A Really Big, Green Deer in Saskatchewan, CANADA
AND she visits The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum!
That wiggly groundhog buckles up for the ride into Philly with her tour guides...
... and gets to see the Liberty Bell!
Phyllis visits the National Center For Children's Illustrated Literature in Abilene, TX...
... and rides off into the sunset on an armadillo, headed for Maine :)
Phyllis goes on a bike tour of Chico, CA...
... and makes some new friends!

Phyllis visited Intel and learned A LOT about microchips!
 and her extended family :)

Phyllis climbed on the standing stones at Avebury, near Stone Henge

Phyllis visited with children in Auckland, NZ
and scared herself silly standing on the glass floor of the Sky Tower!

Phyllis played in the World's Fair Park Playground in Knoxville, TN
and sat in the boat with The Rowing Man

Phyllis enjoyed recess with Mrs. Kistler and her '49ers in San Antonio, TX before heading off to visit another school in Washington

In Windsor, Ontario, Phyllis was nearly eaten by a dinosaur...
as was her new friend...
when they visited Science City!

Phyllis saw all kinds of animal tracks like these white-tailed deer tracks
and got to make maple candy in Maine!

Phyllis enjoyed reading with the 2nd grade Bulldog Readers in Seattle!

Phyllis visited a ghost town in Molson, WA!!!

Phyllis saw an enchanted castle
and went bull riding in Onoway, Alberta, Canada!

In Atlanta, Phyllis enjoyed rest time with Alayna
and got to see lots of terrific sights with Tayla!

Phyllis got to try Vegemite in Melbourne, Australia
illustration copyright Nicky Johnston
Phyllis made friends with a bison in South Dakota
and was interviewed by a very cute dog named Sherlock :)

Phyllis spent Easter with Kerie.

Then she went to Vermont and got tangled in the sap lines!

When she was free, she hurried to Colorado where she showed a penchant for desserts (not unlike someone else I know :))

Then it was on to Virginia and tons of fun on the farm.
Isn't that baby goat precious?
From Virginia, it was on to Georgia and a well-earned Spa Day :)...

...just in time to get ready to go to the Olympics! (sort of :))
Olympic park in Seoul, South Korea!
... and Gyeongbokgung Palace!

Back in New Jersey, Phyllis made friends with a puppy.
Isn't he cute?!
And then it was on to Seattle where she made friends with a cat - so popular, our Phyllis! - and looked out the window at the Space Needle.

Worried she might be homesick, Margaret went to great lengths to make her feel at home in CA.
she climbed a tree fort
and did some gardening :)
Then it was off to the prom in Atlanta!

The next morning, Phyllis was to be found in not-so-sunny England

but she quickly remedied that by flying off to Saint Lucia!

For her last stop, she got to something she's always wanted to do - ride a real horse!
Thank you Robyn, and Mr. Ed!
And then at last... she came home :)
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