September 23, 2011

Fun Friday Photo

So today's the day Catherine and I are starting our new Fun Friday Photo (maybe that should be Foto :)) Fextravaganza (because there's no word I can think of that means extravaganza and starts with F - at least not on this rainy morning!  Feel free to make suggestions.  My brain is sluggish before coffee, breakfast and sunshine.)

This week's theme is CONFUSION.  Here's my entry :)
courtesy google images
If you'd like to play along, post a photo with your interpretation of confusion and then put your link in the comments below and/or over at Catherine's so we can all visit your blog and enjoy and be inspired by your choices!  Who knows what great stories may be written today based on these pictures :)

After that, if you haven't had a chance to comment on this week's Would You Read It, please go here and share your expertise :)

Catherine and I hope you have fun with the photos fotos!  Have a great weekend!

P.S.  Ooh!  How about this one:  Fun Friday Foto Feature!  Hmmm.... where's my coffee :)


  1. Hi Susanna. I have completed your first photo challenge on the theme 'Confusion'. It's suitable for children 0-12 years. I hope you like it! Despite the reasons I give behind the photo, there are many story opportunities that can go with it. :)

    You'll find it here at:-

  2. Been without power all day :( will round up some troops for next week's picture. Cute kitten, Susannah. I'll go look at Debbie's next. :)

  3. Awww, cute! I'll look for this for next Fri :)

  4. Catherine, I hope you get power soon. That's no fun!
    Susanna, what a great idea, and how challenging to find the right photo. As I love brainstorming and putting words together, maybe I can help with a new name although I am loving Fextravaganza. :)
    Here is my post:
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Fun Friday Foto Frenzy?

  6. A2Z Mommy - loved your photo!

    Kelly - great idea! :)

  7. Such a cute photo (sorry, foto). Thanks for the smile!

  8. Great picture! Confusing is a great word. I can see the picture I'd like to put up, but alas, it's only in my head (of gridlocked traffic I witnessed yesterday).

  9. Aw, how adorable! Tiny kitty in tinier tree!


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