March 10, 2011

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's Off To School We Go

Today's post will be short and sweet (I know, hard to believe coming from me) but seriously, I'm already out of time!

Last year, when I asked what you called taking a groundhog, a sheep, a hamster, an airplane pilot, a freight train engineer, a construction foreman, a taxi driver, and a couple of unruly boys on a school visit, a friend said, "It's a Phyllistravaganza!" - which seemed just about right.

So today the Phyllistravaganza and I (really, we're kind of like a traveling circus) are headed to a big school visit where we will be seeing upwards of 200 kids.  We're just a little nervous, truth be told, because Phyllis is still struggling to come up with a truly great and memorable April Fools Day song to sing.  We like to go with familiar tunes and put in our own special brand of words, but this one is a toughie.  Luckily we still have driving time, and the car might inspire us if Phyllis can manage to focus instead of waving to passersby and making funny faces.

If anyone has any brilliant ideas, we're open to suggestion at this point.  You have one hour :)  But we'll take suggestions after that, too, in case we have to make due today and come up with something better for next week when we're doing it again.

Wish us luck!

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