February 4, 2011

How To Find A Good Book: Children's Book Review Blogs

What a great week of celebration!

Phyllis would like to wind it up by saying she just found out that Elmo from Sesame Street has the same birthday she does!  Imagine, 2 such celebrities sharing the same birthday!

Lest you be in danger of falling into a funk now that National Phyllis Week is ending, let me hasten to cheer you with good news.  Next week, we will have a distinguished guest!  None other that Karen Orloff, author of I WANNA IGUANA, IF MOM HAD THREE ARMS, the recently released I WANNA NEW ROOM, and the upcoming TALK OSCAR, PLEASE!  Not only will you get to meet her, but we'll be giving away a free signed copy of I WANNA NEW ROOM to the winner of whatever contest we come up with :)  (Feel free to make suggestions.  Otherwise, you'll just have to live with whatever I dream up...)

The following week (because I don't want to over-excite you by putting too much good stuff in one week!) Cori Doerrfeld, the talented author/illustrator will be visiting.  You will have a chance to win a free signed copy of her newest book, PENNY LOVES PINK.  (Of course, since you're here, you'll have to play to win :))

Now, on to today's topic...

Many of my posts so far have focused on writing.  Today I'd like to favor the teachers, librarians, parents, and other readers in our midst.  Since it's Friday, you might have a little free time over the weekend to enjoy what I have to share.

The world of children's books is a truly wonderful one!  There are so many talented authors and illustrators, and so many fabulous books.

But sometimes there are so many good books that the choice can be overwhelming.  How do you choose a book that might be just right for bedtime, library story time, or your classroom?

Certainly your children themselves are a good guide - they will reach for things that interest them.  Word of mouth is also great - your friends and colleagues will always have recommendations.  But what if you're looking for a book on a specific topic?  How do you find one?  How do you know if it's worth the trip to the library, or the price at the bookstore?

One option is to look at Children's Book Review Blogs.  Here are a few terrific ones:

Children's Book Browser
Going on a Book Hunt
The Reading Tub
A Fuse #8 Production
A Chair, A Fireplace & a Tea Cozy
Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Enjoy!  I hope you find something great to read :)

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