January 14, 2011

The Writer's Club

Writing can be a lonely business - just you, your computer (or notebook and pen), your mug of coffee (or tea if you lean that way), and your thoughts (should you happen to have any :))

If you're lucky, you might also have your dogs keeping your feet warm (or your cat lying on top of your work in that oh-so-helpful way that cats have!)

But let's face it, as writers, we spend a lot of time alone.

Wouldn't it be great if all us writer's could take a break every morning from 10:30 - 10:45 and have a good old fashioned coffee klatch?  Just put our writing aside for a few minutes and chat - about writing, frustration and success, who's working on what and how it's going, our fears and hopes and aspirations, and the fact that the laundry is NEVER DONE?

Sometimes I think you have to be a writer to get writers.  There are a whole host of discussion topics I never tire of (How do I get through the tricky part of my current WIP?  How do I make my MC seem real?  What's the best way to convey emotion without sentimentality?  Why did Skippyjon Jones get a stuffty when Phyllis didn't?  Will I ever sell another ms?  What if I never have another idea in my ENTIRE LIFE? :)) that the non-writer people in my life would be more than happy never to discuss at all!

So I think we should have a club.  I'd suggest the Breakfast Club but that's been done.  Let's have the Writer's Club.  Every day at 10:30, come on over here and post whatever is on your mind, and all your writer friends will chime in with sage advice, words of encouragement, or writerly commiseration.  It will be fifteen minutes of the day we can all look forward to, companionship and understanding guaranteed!

Of course, on this particular day, I will not be here at 10:30 - I have a non-negotiable appointment with my son's laundry (what did I just say about laundry?!) - but y'all can get started without me and I'll catch up once the washing machine is running!

Happy Writing!


  1. Great idea! Of course, I am always distracted by the mundane things in life- and games on Facebook, oh and The Chronicle of the Horse Forums.
    I simply need to get my thoughts focused, find my confidence, and actually sit down and WRITE!! Honestly, it's too cold to do anything else.
    So how's the laundry going?

  2. Ah, yes, distractions - I think I'll post on that next week :) If you've been following, you know of my fondness for Sporcle :)
    As for laundry, Im donning my hazmat suit as we speak!


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